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"Myth" is our ongoing collection of 3D printed shoes for 2014.

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  • Fiddling with this sound wave idea that I've had for a while
  • Late night brainstorm...block printing with a 3d print 😀
  • Hehehe such a tiny little shoe
  • Group of miniature head prints for new idea I'm working on
  • Been doing some sketching
  • PLA printed onto fabric. Would be more awesome if you had a much bigger printer.
  • The super awesome Felicia Day wrote a book, and rocks our Constrvct Sheath with an Op-Amp circuit print. I snapped this photo on a mannequin before it went off to LA last fall. Thank you @robinshoots for choosing our dress! Link is
  • Did this sketch last year. Pondering whether I should try printing
  • Finally updating the drawing tablet after all these years. Now wireless!


Projects & Experiments

  • A ready-to-wear 3D-printed bikini. A breakthrough in fashion + technology.

  • Our online social dress design app. Striking digital print design for the Tumblr/Instagram generation.

  • An infinite user-generated little black dress collection. Create your design online.


Continuum is led by designer/technologist Mary Huang. Part design label, part lab, Continuum has been a pioneer in ideas such as software based fashion collections and 3D printing. A number of our pieces have been showcased by leading press and museums internationally.