3D printed shoes, not just for the runway.

CONTINUUM is craft redefined for the digital age. Step boldly into the future.

Pre-orders opening soon. By invitation only.

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Digitally Manufactured

Our 3D designs are manifested layer by layer into reality. Your order is printed on demand.
"CONTINUUM" represents the continuity of inspiration, to design, manufacturing, and distribution.


The next generation of fashion.

Instantly updatable. Accessibly covetable.

A platform for digital creation and production, optimized for an age of digital commerce.

  • Family shot, 3 @ultimaker printers
  • @Ultimaker 2 #2! :D now there are 3 printers in the studio
  • Some 3d printed chainlink
  • Sketched some accessory ideas
  • Got some more (traditional) materials for finishing off the shoes
  • A bit like snow on branches
  • Sneak peak! This one is coming along quite well
  • Watercolor clouds
  • Stickers! Fresh off the vinyl cutter

Upcoming Events

FITC Toronto, April 27-29, Toronto

Mary will be speaking about 3D printing and fashion, and navigating roles between design, technology, and entreprenuership.

Out of Hand Exhibition, Museum of Arts and Design, through June 1, NYC

Don't miss this fantastically comprehensive exhibition on digital craft. Our N12 Bikini is on display.


Projects & Experiments

  • A ready-to-wear 3D-printed bikini. A breakthrough in fashion + technology.

  • Our online social dress design app. Striking digital print design for the Tumblr/Instagram generation.

  • An infinite user-generated little black dress collection. Create your design online.


Continuum Fashion was started by Mary Huang from her grad school research in interaction design and fashion. Various collaborators have also been involved through the years. Our posse includes experts in fashion ecommerce, 3D printing, and materials.