Step boldly into the future.

"Myth" is our ongoing collection of 3D printed shoes for 2014.

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  • Doing some renderings
  • Boxed up!
  • Double hypercube effect!
  • Laurel sandal, top view against grid
  • Hurray packaging!
  • Right and left #3dprint
  • Got samples in of these awesome boxes for the shoes. They have magnets and everything
  • Evolution of testing the material for the bottoms. Top left are cut from stock sole sheets, now we're printing the soles so they are the perfect shape.


Projects & Experiments

  • A ready-to-wear 3D-printed bikini. A breakthrough in fashion + technology.

  • Our online social dress design app. Striking digital print design for the Tumblr/Instagram generation.

  • An infinite user-generated little black dress collection. Create your design online.


Continuum is led by designer/technologist Mary Huang. Part design label, part lab, Continuum has been a pioneer in ideas such as software based fashion collections and 3D printing. A number of our pieces have been showcased by leading press and museums internationally.